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University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre

cooperates with research centers in Poland and abroad, public sector units, as well as partners from the business world.


Our offer is addressed to enterprises from many industries, including laboratory, environmental protection, chemical, agricultural and food, fuel and energy, medical and pharmaceutical.

How to cooperate with us?

It is straightforward – please visit us on site at CNBCh UW to discuss over coffee your problems.

You can also contact us: wspolpraca@cnbc.uw.edu.pl or call us: + 48 22 55 26 605 lub +48 22 55 26 711 and tell us about your idea or problem.

Our team will try to find the suitable scientists who will be able to take a comprehensive look at the issue and propose the optimal  solution. Then we will arrange a joint meeting where we can discuss the technical details of the project and evaluate the financial issues, sign a cooperation agreement and confidentiality agreement.

confidentiality agreement.