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General information

Centrum Nauk Biologiczno-Chemicznych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego (CNBCh UW)

It is a research and development center located on the “Ochota” university campus. It was created in order to conduct advanced research of great scientific importance, the results of which are used to develop new technologies in the field of energy, analytics, pharmaceuticals, medicine, biotechnology, new materials, and protection of the environment and civilization heritage. It brings together the most talented young scientists and experienced academic staff.



CNBCh UW is the result of the CENT III project which consisted of two parts: construction works and the purchase of the necessary research equipment. The building has a total area of 21,032 m2, it houses laboratories equipped with the most modern research equipment.

The total cost of the project is over PLN 294 million.

Funds for the implementation were provided by the Operational Program Innovative Economy, Priority II. R&D infrastructure, measure 2.1. Development of centers with high research potential. Thanks to the support of EU funds, the Center is one of the most modern centers in Europe.

The establishment of CNBCh UW was part of the program of modernization and expansion of the infrastructure of natural science faculties on the “Ochota” campus. CNBCh UW was established by the order of the Rector of the University of Warsaw on May 30, 2012. The official opening took place on March 22, 2013.


How do we work?

The Center is an inter-faculty organizational unit that acts as a research platform enabling the cooperation of scientists from the faculties of Biology and Chemistry at the University of Warsaw. CNBCh UW is managed by the Director, the controlling body is the Scientific Council of the Center. The Council defines the objectives of the activity, determines (in agreement with the authorities of the Biology and Chemistry departments) plans and principles of operation and evaluates their implementation.

The mission of CNBCh UW is to support the transfer of knowledge and technology to the economy and to strengthen the cooperation of the University of Warsaw with the business environment.

The University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre creates conditions for conducting innovative, interdisciplinary research on the border of biology and chemistry, with practical application and used by the business environment. Research at the highest scientific level, with the use of modern research infrastructure, is focused on the needs of knowledge and technology transfer to the economy.

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Our tasks:
  • Creating conditions for the implementation of research projects of employees of the Biology and Chemistry faculties, projects of basic and applied nature;
  • Active action to increase the quantity and quality of research, in particular interdisciplinary research in the field of biological and chemical sciences, including initiating new projects;
  • Strengthening the cooperation of the University of Warsaw with the economic environment;
  • Supporting the transfer of knowledge and technology to the economy;
  • Running specialized laboratories providing services to research teams and projects of both faculties, other organizational units of the University and external entities; Cooperation with domestic and foreign centers with a profile similar to the CNBCh UW;
  • Conducting trainings in areas related to research issues conducted at the CNBCh UW;
  • Supporting the incubation process of innovative companies with a biological and chemical or related profile.