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Lakes Connect at the conference “Local challenges, international solutions. INTERREG programs invite to cooperation”

On the 21st of November, Magdalena Michalska-Kacymirow Ph.D., manager of  Interreg Lakes Connect project, had the honor to participate in the conference organized by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, “Local challenges, international solutions. INTERREG programs invite you to cooperate.”
During the event, she took part in a panel devoted to climate issues, which are key issues for Interreg programs, such as climate and environment. Together with other participants representing projects in the areas of green energy, water quality improvement, circular economy and revitalization of post-industrial areas using innovative solutions, she shared experiences and talked about the Lakes Connect project – discussing our activities, challenges and ideas for the future.
This event was an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and establish new cooperation. During the meeting, the importance of cooperation as a key element in achieving common goals was emphasized.