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On the 22nd of February CNBCh UW hosted professor Herve This. During his lecture, professor presented aspects of molecular cuisine and culinary trends to a numerous audience. Sparkling with wit, the professor explained what is molecular cuisine and why it might be a good solution for problems concerning food insecurity. The Professor showed a few […]

Koźminski 9391

Professor Koźmiński will be running two prestigious grants. Polish-Italian Canaletto grant, with professor Isabella Felli from the CERM and the Faculty of Chemistry from the University of Florence as partners. The main subject of this grant is the development of new NMR methods for the study of intrinsically disordered proteins. The second grant is Maestro […]

The University of Warsaw is participating in the 1st EIT Food Innovation Marketplace. It is a meeting of the Knowledge and Innovation Community on Food which comprises partners from leading business, research centres and universities.   EIT Food comprises 50 partners across 13 countries including, among others, the University of Warsaw, University of Cambridge, Technical…

Holographic atomic memory, invented and constructed by physicists from the Faculty of Physics of the UW, is the first device able to generate single photons on demand in groups of several dozen or more.   Completely secure, high-speed quantum communication, or even a model of quantum computer, may be among the possible applications for the…


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