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On the 22nd of February CNBCh UW hosted professor Herve This. During his lecture, professor presented aspects of molecular cuisine and culinary trends to a numerous audience. Sparkling with wit, the professor explained what is molecular cuisine and why it might be a good solution for problems concerning food insecurity. The Professor showed a few […]

Professor Koźmiński will be running two prestigious grants. Polish-Italian Canaletto grant, with professor Isabella Felli from the CERM and the Faculty of Chemistry from the University of Florence as partners. The main subject of this grant is the development of new NMR methods for the study of intrinsically disordered proteins. The second grant is Maestro […]

On 22nd of February, 10 a.m., in the main lecture hall of the CNBCh UW, professor Hervé This will deliver a lecture about creative applications of molecular cuisine. Professor Hervé This is a physicist and a chemist, founder and manager of the The International Centre for Molecular Gastronomy AgroParisTech-INRA. He collaborates with the world top […]

From 13th to 18th November Warsaw will become the capital of unique languages, including Wymysiöeryś, Lemko and Nahuatl. The University of Warsaw organises open events due to the Week of Linguistic Diversity.   For six days in November Warsaw will abound with unique language and cultural events. According to the organisers, researchers from the Faculty…

The University of Warsaw co-organises an international conference entitled “Pros and Cons of Central Admission to Higher Education Institutions in Poland”. It will take place on 14th November at the UW.   The main purpose of the conference is to start a discussion among authorities from Polish HEIs, representatives of the Ministry of Science and…

The team from the University of Warsaw, composed of Kamil Dębowski, Mateusz Radecki and Marek Sommer, has won the 22nd Polish Collegiate Programming Contest which was held on 28th October in Wrocław.   Polish Collegiate Programming Contest is considered the most significant competition for students of Informatics. In this year, it took place at the…


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