On 20 January 2022 in Warsaw we will hold our first in-person Polish Chapter meeting since the ancient pre-pandemic times of December 2019!




Żwirki i Wigury 101
02-089 Warszawa,


20 January 2022

MCAA Polish Chapter Annual Meeting

9.30-10.00: MCAA members registration

10.00-11.00: MCAA-PC Meeting: annual report and future plans (for MCAA members only)

Habilitation Workshop (organized jointly with NAWA)

11.00-11.20: Coffee break + registration non MCAA members

11.20-11.30: Opening of the Workshop

11.30-12.30: “The new habilitation path in Poland”, Prof Hubert Izdebski

12.30-14.00: Lunch + networking

14.00-15.00: “The most common problems met during the new habilitation procedure in Poland”, Prof Grzegorz Węgrzyn

15:00-15.30: “NAWA mobility grants”, Dr Katarzyna Pietruszyńska

15.30-16:00: Coffee, end of the Workshop,

From 16:00 – informal social event

Workshop end

After the workshop we will head for an informal dinner (self-sponsored) and a MCAA hang-out at a nearby pub or restaurant.

The venue can be easily reached by buses no. 128 and 175 from Warszawa Centralna train station.

Overview of the Habilitation Workshop:

In 2020 a new procedure for obtaining habilitation was introduced in Poland. It has many points in common with the previous path, but also significant changes that can represent a challenge for researchers looking to become independent. During the meeting, the speakers will analyse the new habilitation procedure both from a legislative and a practical point of view, showing what are the main points to be considered and the most common problems. As internationalization and collaborations beyond the Polish horizon are of paramount importance in the new habilitation procedure, the workshop will include a presentation from a NAWA representative, to provide an overview of international programmes for researchers.

The Habilitation Workshop is open for everyone. The MCAA Polish Chapter meeting is open only to MCAA Polish Chapter members. If you are elligible to become an MCAA member you can join the MCAA Polish Chapter during the registration.

MCAA members can apply for travel grants from their respective Chapters and WG’s.

Given the current surge in COVID-19 infections we strongly discourage not vaccinated participants from joining the event. Please maintain safe distance during the event and follow the protocols in place to avoid COVID-19 spread.

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Website: https://sites.google.com/view/mcaapoland/jan-2022-meeting?authuser=0


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