Konrad Zawadzki – CNBCh UW, Maria Cywińska – Wydział Psychologii UW opublikowali artykuł na konferencji 33rd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development – ”Managerial Issues in Modern Business”, 26 – 27 września 2018 r.
TYTUŁ: Performance Appraisal System for Administrative Staff: A pilot implementation study at the University of Warsaw.

This paper presents a reflective pilot implementation study aimed at the development of a performance appraisal system for the administrative staff of the University of Warsaw. Such systems are relatively rare in academic institutions and until now there was no general performance appraisal system for administrative staff at this particular University. This paper describes a preliminary attempt to create an adequate model and methodology, as well as its initial implementation. The pilot implementation study was conducted at the University’s Faculty of Psychology and – after some adaptation – in two offices of the University’s central administration (number of employees N=70). The authors’ model of administrative staff performance appraisal consists of three pillars – (a) an auto-evaluation form filled by the employee, derived from the positive psychology theory of Martin Seligman, (b) a behavior based employee evaluation form tailored by the manager and filled by him, and (c) a “plans and goals” form filled by the employee and the manager together, derived from Peter Drucker’s management by objectives (MBO) theory. The implementation methodology was focused on a coaching and training process with the managers performing the staff evaluation. In order to assess the reception of the performance evaluation system some qualitative methods have been used (interview, N=2, survey, N=17). Based on the results of the pilot implementation study further research directions are presented for future studies and practical application. Keywords: Administrative Staff Management, Higher Education Institutions, Performance Appraisal System
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