This research group concerns itself with x-ray and neutron structural research and experimental studies of electron density. Routine x-ray studies are for this group only the first step in the methodologies in use. Another field of research developed by this group is application of a different kind of aspherical atomic factor in procedures of refinement of crystal structure and electron density, by use of Hirshfeld atoms in finding an experimental wave function. In the performed procedures, the group members use crystals of compounds important from the point of view of their biological, biochemical and pharmaceutical properties.

Thanks to the expanded cooperation network, the group members study various catalysts, including metathesis catalysts, amino acids, interesting suprachemical compounds, metaloorganic compounds, derivatives of boron (boronates and borinates), crystals with particles divided by the electric load, hybrid compounds, ferrocene, polymorphic systems, radical crystals etc. A huge part of this research is performed in synchrotronic facilities (DIAMOND near Oxford, UK, Sacley, Paris, France) and neutron facilities (ISIS, Chilton, UK, ILL Grenoble, Oak Ridge, USA). The group is open to new research topics and cooperation possibilities.




Professor Krzysztof Woźniak
phone:48 22 8220211 w. 212

Paulina M. Dominiak D.Sc.,
Joanna Bąk Ph.D.,
Michał Chodkiewicz Ph.D.,
Sławomir Domagała Ph.D.,
Roman Gajda Ph.D.,
Anna Makal Ph.D.,
Damian Trzybiński Ph.D.,
Marcin Kubsik M.Sc..
Ph.D. and M.Sc. students: Sławomir Bojarowski M.Sc., Urszula Budniak M.Sc., Małgorzata Cabaj M.Sc., Anna Goral M.Sc., Marta Kulik M.Sc., Prashant Kumar M.Sc.,
Aleksandra Pazio M.Sc., Wiesława Fabiola Sanjuán Szklarz M.Sc., Marcin Stachowicz M.Sc., Grzegorz Wesela-Bauman M.Sc., Magdalena Woińska M.Sc., Sylwia Pawlędzio.


The laboratory of this research group is fully equipped with modern instruments i.a.: SuperNova (Ag) single-crystal diffractometer, SuperNova (Mo) single-crystal diffractometer, Optiprexx PLS photoluminescence spectrometer, stereoscopic microscopes

Research services

The Laboratory performs services in the range of x-ray structural research on organic compounds (including pharmaceuticals), organometallic compounds (including supramolecular compounds) and inorganic compounds (including minerals). Group members conduct x-ray single-crystal measurements of all types of the above- listed crystals (also low and high temperature measurements and pressure measurements). Researchers solve and refine structures of studied crystals (including determination of absolute structures) and interpret obtained structural data. They perform x-ray high-angle measurements, refinement and interpretation of quantitative models of electron density, obtained as a result of multipole refinement.

Prices depend on range, degree of complication, time of measurements, degree of data interpretation, order size and other factors (also on location of external entities interested in such services). Prices can be determined by:

Krzysztof Woźniak D.Sc.(
Paulina Dominiak D.Sc.(