The Laboratory of Surface Physicochemistry conducts research on physicochemical phenomena occurring on interfaces. The main fields of studies include:

  • processes of sorption chemistry and physical adsorption of organic molecules, including biologically important compounds, on surfaces of solids;
  • research on structure and biomimetic properties of lipid layers on solid substrates and on interface between water and air;
  • interactions of molecules of biological importance with model lipid membranes;
  • design of molecular bindings metal-molecule-metal;
  • structure and properties of lipid films and their interactions with antibiotic peptides and lipopeptides.

At the Laboratory of Surface Physicochemistry researchers study structure of lipid layers on solid substrates in nanoscale. They look for correlations between particular properties of lipid films (structure, adhesion, elasticity) and their composition. Studied correlations help to understand functional mechanisms of cellular membranes.