In professor Magdalena Skompska’s team the following research topics are being explored:

  • photovoltaic cells based on metal oxides (TiO2, ZnO) with semiconductor sensitizer,
  • hybrid systems TiO2-nanparticles of metals and semiconductors for electro- and photocatalysis.

In professor Marek Szklarczyk’s D.Sc. team the following research topics are being explored:

  • electrodeposition of photoactive films based on silica oxides,
  • polyelectrolyte and polyampholyte multilayers on solid substrates and on biological objects.

The aim of this group is the production and characterization of photovoltaic cells, based on nanostructured titanium dioxide or zinc oxide in the form of nanotubes and nanowires, with deposited nanoparticles of semiconductors such as CdS, CdSe, PbS and with solid or liquid hole acceptor.

Members of this group elaborate new methods of synthesis of hybrid systems, containing metal nanoparticles (Au, Pt, Pd) scattered in conducting polymer matrix or deposited on solid substrate of metal oxide (ZnO, TiO2).