Research carried out by this group concerns application of different catalytic reactions in organic synthesis, especially in synthesis of natural products, polymers and pharmaceuticals. Currently, work of the group is focused on organic synthesis by means of transition metals, with emphasis on metathesis of alkenes and alkynes, and on chemistry of renewable resources. Such research must be conducted under the atmosphere of an inert gas, by use of the Schlenk technique, that allows you to work under anhydrous and anaerobic conditions.


Professor Karol Grela



Professor Karol Grela,
Phone +48 22 55 26513,
CNBCh UW, room 3.16,

Mariusz Kędziorek Ph.D. eng.,
Wioletta Kośnik Ph.D.,
Anna Kozłowska M.Sc., Paweł Małecki M.Sc.,
Malina Michalska Ph.D. eng.,
Michał Smoleń M.Sc.,
Adrian Sytniczuk M.Sc.,
Anna Szadkowska Ph.D.,
Grzegorz Szczepaniak M.Sc.,
Przemysław Wyrębek Ph.D..


The main research areas of this group are designing new, user-friendly catalysts that enable easier purification of reaction products, analyzing the possibilities of the reuse of catalysts, and expanding the application range of metathesis in organic synthesis.

The research laboratory of this group is fully equipped with modern instruments, including dry-boxes, GC, GC/MS and HPLC chromatographs, NMR 400 MHz spectrometer with autosampler.

Research services

The research group performs commissioned B+R tasks for foreign and national external entities in the range of optimization of organic reactions, synthesis and tests of catalysts (including various complexes of transition metals). There is a possibility of performing basic services and analyses at the Laboratory of Organometallic Synthesis by the interested individual after the necessary training (there is no technician at the Laboratory):

  • identification of volatile organic substances (qualitative assessment of chemical composition and pollution degree of organic substances)
  • measurement of NMR spectra in isotropic fluid systems – the price of the measurements is calculated according to real time of acquisition and does not include logging time of the user
  • work with substances sensitive to moisture or/and air under the atmosphere of an inert gas (argon)
  • drying and purification of solvents under the atmosphere of an inert gas (argon).