The Laboratory of Image Information is part of the Department of Ecology at the Faculty of Biology, that has its laboratories at the CNBCh UW. The Laboratory of Image Information focuses on applying broadly understood imaging methods and remote sensing in biological sciences (including aerial and micro-aerial images from unmanned aerial systems).We are interested in imaging in different ranges of electromagnetic spectrum from UV through visible spectrum, close infrared to thermal infrared under laboratory and environmental conditions. Moreover, we perform imaging at different levels – from macroscopic to aerial, covering areas of many square kilometers (including documentation and classification of plant communities, observation of terrestrial animals and birds, water currents, assessment of structural dampness in places inaccessible from the ground). We prepare orthophotographs and maps of documented habitats.


Marek Ostrowski Ph.D.



Marek Ostrowski Ph.D.,
phone: 48 602 760 031

Michał Chiliński,,
phone: 48 22 55 26 583


We focus on establishing the connection between environmental scientists and possibilities of remote sensing (contactless identification and classification of natural and urbanized habitats) and imaging methods of qualitative and quantitative measurements, offered by modern technology. We look for and implement new applications for digital methods of image analysis in the exploration of the environment and assessment of its current state. Due to cooperation with research groups from the Faculties of Biology, Physics, and Geography and Regional Studies of the University of Warsaw, as well as, with other institutions working on remote imaging systems i.a. the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Science, we participate in interdisciplinary projects, covering issues of methodology development and performance of particular environmental studies. The Laboratory of Image Information conducts image documentation of studied areas, necessary to present the current state of the environment in scientific publications.

The Laboratory of Image Information is equipped with hyperspectral camera Rikola Ltd. 1000×1000 pixels, 490-890 nm (adapted to UAS), thermographic camera VIGO v640 640×480 pixels (adapted to UAS), workig in the range of 8-14 nm, Newport Cornerstone monochromator with APEX VIS/NIR light source, Versadrone Versa X6 Mk III unmanned hexacopter.

Research services

Tasks utilizing drones: flight performance (price depends on number of flights, take-off place, altitude and route, environmental conditions and airspace class), flight preparation, including preparation of vertical and horizontal route/trajectory, sensor calibration, data acquisition (price negotiable according to different needs, range and data acquisition level), analysis of results, including preparation of maps and plans, image rectification, image interpretation (price negotiable according to different needs, range and data acquisition level).