The aim of this group is to implement modern measurement techniques in research focused on the processes occurring in living organisms, physicochemical processes occurring in ancient objects, as well as qualitative and quantitative analyses of clinical samples, forensic objects, archeological findings and industrial products.Measurements are carried out by use of state-of-the-art equipment and support also research on atomization, excitation and ionization processes in plasma, as well as the distribution of elements on the surface and subsurface layers with high special resolution. Moreover, modern instrumentation is used for certification of reference materials.

Laboratories of the Expert Analytical Centre (EAC) are equipped with advanced measuring instruments. Members of this group are involved in research and research-implementation projects concerning.:

  • Chemical speciation of chosen elements in biological samples
  • Impact of chosen elements on prophylaxis of diseases, including cancer
  • Research on functional food
  • Archeometry of ancient objects
  • Physicochemical processes on the surface of solids
  • Application of stable isotopes in research on chemical speciation, and in studies on provenance of performance-enhancing drugs and ancient objects.