The Faculty Laboratory of Advanced Crystal Engineering named after Jan Czochralski, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw.

Crystal engineering and physicochemical research on supramolecular chemistry of clathrates and hydrates of gasses and liquids belong to the main scientific issues tackled in the Laboratory. Research on stability of clathrates is performed with DSC apparatus and/or with calorimeter coupled with FTIR and MS. These analyses are complemented with research on nucleation processes, in order to achieve their necessary comprehensiveness. Studies on nucleation and on influences of different compounds on clathrate formation in gasses (especially methane) are conducted with laser particle size analyzer equipped with a unique pressure chamber, which is not commercially available.

Production of clathrates of methane and/or other gasses and liquids in order to study their structure (e.g. with single-crystal X-ray diffraction) is a complex problem. It is possible under laboratory conditions, with the use of in situ crystallization set, which is a digitally controlled instrument, containing IR laser. Currently, there are just over ten laboratories in the world equipped with such sets, with the Laboratory of Advanced Crystal Engineering being the only one in Poland. One of the diffractometers used in the Laboratory is additionally coupled with Raman and NIR spectrometers.